Friday, January 13, 2017

Rockets To The Future

Only 2 weeks late, when thoughts start to wander...

Best Of lists kinda suck.  You know this.  You have yr own favorite rekkids, and nobody, nobody at all,understands why you picked those extra special albums that really spoke to you. You are a special flower.  And we give you a great big hug to your special feelings. But...rock'n'roll, mutha fuckers!!!!! And this list is all about the loud rocking and rolling....On our previous site (Big Rock Candy Mountain, for those that remember) we convulsed and prevaricated over a 50+ rekkid best of list,  over a tediously lengthy exercise in rawk flagellation.  Not here.  These are the rekkids we grooved to the most year, that gave us the biggest boners. Lots of great bands that bubbled under, and we'll talk about many of 'em down the line. For now, though....

Look down at the end for a kickin' mix featuring all the following bands...our gift to you!

Outhouse Moon's Most Bestest Of All Time Records of 2016 (at least for the next 10 minutes)


The Pukes: The Revenge of The Pukes

Nasty-ass punk garage filth straight outta Milwaukee...yr new super duper location for kick ass rawk'n'roll.....


C.W. Stoneking: Gon Boogaloo

Deep cuntry world in conflict outsider (whatever the hell that means)...rhythmic hoodoo groove, who the fuck cares....swayed out low bottom juke 'n' jive...


Archie and the Bunkers: Mystery Lover

Said this: Mystery Lover oozes slow, with greasy organ laying down post-coital slack before kicking into a deep, deep skeez to get yr pants off. The Thin Man busts out a snot soaked blurp'n' slupin'ode to drank ("I'd like to have another glass, or,  maybe another too (2?)/whaddya say, Nora (?), shall we drink the night away?"). Mexican Garage, Sunglasses After Dark, and The Moon and Sixpence all keep the dirty basement, grainy porno vibe alive.


Fret Rattles: Pedal To The Medal and Damn The Consequences

Said this: A buzzing, Deeetroit via Minneapolis slab of high octane scuzz, unrelenting greased up rawk, ratchet fried and oil splattered, this aint for the faint of heart. Land speed records set (only one song clocking in over four minutes, the rest at an appropriate 2-3 minute burning trashcan explosion), you can feel the peel-out skid marks on yr parent's lawn, taking Deadman's curve down the road to fiery hell, bustedbentblackened guardrails a testament to Saturday night gone terribly, wonderfully wrong.


Nots: Cosmetic 

Skuzzed out, blast off punk'n'roll, shouted and dense, throbbed out destructo!


DD Owen: DD Owen

Filthy sounding scum rawk, blasted in 2 minute (or less) gooey spurts.  The song "Degenerate" got the most plays on my media player all year.  This is why god invented rawk'n'roll.


Counter Intuits: Monosyllabilly

Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ego SummitUsed Kids Records, etc, etc, etc) is yr lord and savior.  Here teaming up with Times New Viking's Jared Phillips, a highly literate snot fest, spastic lo-fi geetar and fuckyouasfuck drumming, House going whippet voiced on nihilism as humor, dark. Columbus, Ohio punk rock forever!


Tyler Keith and the Apostles: Do It For Johnny

Yr back porch, southern fried but stomped out, shaken to the ground, buzzed out nihilism, spittle-flecked, gospel of the backwoods fire sparked, razing mud and fuck all y'all, batter the hatches against the plague of locust who buzz yr ears and say yesyesyes......


Jack Oblivian and the Sheiks: The Lone Ranger Of Love

Always our favorite solo Oblivian artist (an amazing feat considering the brilliance of his fellow compatriots who have equally kicked our ass in their own know who they are), Jack Oblivian has always been on the precipice of  that one record...and here it is.  We'll do a full love-fest to his career at some point, but this is the rekkid that catapults...the rekkid that lays down a fully realized sound'n'vision...every tune a bar-time anthem, a down'n'dirty elbows off the wood pint raiser, grooved and sleazy like all good rawk garbage, dark alley blessed, late nite buzzed creak in yr libido on overdrive, everything blissed and gritty, sepia toned world buckled at yr wobbly knees. Grab yr gal or feller, cuz The Sheiks , who back Jack on this r'n'r platter, beat the primal shit of this muthafucka.

In any given year this would be the very best slice of rawk genius in 2016.  But, then, this happened....


Meet Your Death: Meet Your Death

Our very first post at Outhouse Moon. This site was actually created specifically to post about this rekkid (or, we started early, just to feature this record, whichever you choose to believe).  So, there's that.   We had laid Big Rock Candy Mountain to rest, assuming we had said whatever could be said.  But this record lingered with promise, and we  realized there was so much more to say.  And this is the album that made us believe again.  Thee mighty Walter Daniels .  Thee mighty John Schooley.  Matt Hammer (Strange Boys, OBNIII's ) and Hapal Assi (Wiccans and Video)
on amazing rhythm section.  Your best bet is to read what we said before,    We stand by this record as not just the best of this year, but as a glorious, static destroying, fuzzed out hollered piece, rawk that will make you fuck like the end of times.  This is really the only album you need.  Purge all else and put this on repeat, the apocalypse is now in yr hands.....

Please enjoy the following mix, made especially for you. 

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  1. Guys, I'm so glad you're back. I missed the candy mountain.