Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Rawk week!  We'll get to some Country and other stuff soon.  But, this is Rawk week.  Behold. 

What the fuck is rawk?  Isn't it just rock with a funny spelling?  Nah. rawk is a state of mind, and a sound that is raw and a little nastier. The Stooges, Rolling Stones, Replacements, Oblivians and The Runaways were rawk, AC/DC, The Beatles, REM, Pearl Jam, and Heart are, well, rock.  There's a longer piece to be written, with more obscure examples and tons of explication, But we'll save that for our book.

What we really care about is the new Fret Rattles rekkid, Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences!

A buzzing, Deeetroit via Minneapolis slab of high octane scuzz, unrelenting greased up rawk, ratchet fried and oil splattered, this aint for the faint of heart. Land speed records set (only one song clocking in over four minutes, the rest at an appropriate 2-3 minute burning trashcan explosion), you can feel the peel-out skid marks on yr parent's lawn, taking Deadman's curve down the road to fiery hell, bustedbentblackened guardrails a testament to Saturday night gone terribly, wonderfully wrong.

Featuring members of Thee Viceroys, Dirty Robbers and Fuck Knights, you know yr getting some adrenaline fueled and speed-laced hollerin', geetar destroy oh boy, metalpunk snot soaked vocals, and vapor fumed rhythm.  

You can grab a couple of songs here for free (but hey, give 'em some money...they worked hard for it..)

You can buy the digital rekkid here (minus two extra tracks available on the LP).  Or you can buy the actual long player at these rekkid stores (many with online stores). 

Check out the following video to lead you into salvation...

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