Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mystery Lover

Sometimes in a fever dream you hear a buzz, a nagging, sexual thing, a clinking highball keeping rhythm with hoodoo groove, depraved holler and filthy organ blurping and sleazing, riding a soulful, scuzzy late-night stripper dance into hell.

Mayhaps there's a visual,  Satan seated behind church organ, throwing finger horns, deep red velvet drapes behind a bacchanalia, an orgy of young, hep, beat cats frugging and twisting and deep bending the apocalyptic full moon til the break of dawn, sweat drenched frenzy in glassy eyes.

And, so, Archie And The Bunkers.  A 2-piece outta Cleveland muthafuckin' Ohio, featuring brothers(?) Cullen (Organ and Vocals) and Emmett (Drums and Vocals). These spazz kickers are gonna destroy you and yr inner low-humpin' leg shake off.

On their new 6-song rekkid , Mystery Lover, we have a fucking sleaze fest of rawk'n'roll, vocals yelping,orgasm humped into organ slime, quivering and hallelujah drone v. swirling and filthy, yr favorite spurting fantasy, drums throbbed and primal like a dark night on a mystery train to the deepest, darkest woods, shadowed images shimmy shake around rhythmic hellfire.

All That Loving kicks things off, with a shout out to NYC and mighty Cleveland, tricky time signatures aside, a menacing swaggering pole-danced groover("come over here and give me a nice big kiss"). Mystery Lover oozes slow, with greasy organ laying down post-coital slack before kicking into a deep, deep skeez to get yr pants off. The Thin Man busts out a snot soaked blurp'n' slupin'ode to drank ("I'd like to have another glass, or,  maybe another too (2?)/whaddya say, Nora (?), shall we drink the night away?"). Mexican Garage, Sunglasses After Dark, and The Moon and Sixpence all keep the dirty basement, grainy porno vibe alive.

Our "Best Of" list is coming, and this'un's gonna be on it. Essential.

Cats have a full length on Dirty Water Records (which contains yr biographical info)  that came out last year.(produced by Jim Diamond, goodgodalmighty!). Mystery Lover is available here.  Your life will be improved by the presence of this rekkid in it.  Really.

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